In 1972 Rufino Crespo, while working at a Dykes Lumber Company yard in Harlem New York, looked south to the then budding community of South Florida and saw opportunity.  Rufino, an exile from Cuba, knew the draw of warm winters, clear skies, and access to the Latin American markets was a powerful combination.   South Florida was primed to become a major hub of culture, entertainment, and business.  More than anything though, South Florida had the one thing he could not find anywhere else in the world, family.  

Rufino, in emigrating to the United States, found work in New York City, while his sister Rosa and her family settled in Hollywood Florida.  After ten years living apart Rufino and Rosa decided to pull there resources and reestablish themselves as the entrepreneurs and lumbermen they were in Cuba.  Not just for themselves but for the next generation that was soon to be joining the professional world.

Sheridan Lumber is a family owned and operated boutique millwork lumber yard focused on supplying materials to satisfy the unique style and high standards of the South Florida market.  There is nowhere in the country like South Florida; shop at a lumber yard that is as unique as your home.

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